Back Stage at the 2017 Prowler Porn Awards with Vanity Von Glow

Ohh here we go again! Even with increased security, Vanity Von Glow still managed to bribe the staff at FIRE and sneak backstage at this year’s Prowler Porn Awards, to give us these hilarious interviews with the night’s biggest stars, our fantastic hosts and some less fortunate runners up! We particularly like the part where she tries to convince gay for pay superstar Dan Johnson that she’s the right gal for him! I know right, gal! More like a stripper in a River Island sale rack dress! Not sure you’re his type love! We’re only joking, we love you really Vanity… just a little. Go ahead, give it a watch, we’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do! Talk Prowler Porn Awards

Last night I went to Heaven for the first time.

As in the world-famous gay night club near Embankment in London.

That’s a weird phrase, isn’t is? Gay night club.

I’ve been to a lot of clubs and, other than the noticeable lack of a queue for the Ladies, it was just like the others, although the men were better looking and I didn’t mind one of them, who was wearing a dress, grabbing my boobs.

But before you accuse me of tourism, I was there to support a friend, who was handing out a gong at the Porn Awards.

As it turned out, he bailed at the last minute saying he was sick.

But I thought you may be interested to hear a bit about the gay porn industry, so I stayed and chatted to some people anyway.

Here’s 10 things I learnt at the 2016 Prowler Porn Awards.

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