The Good Porn Project – NUM Brunch!

National Ugly Mugs
Ending violence against sex workers

Sex workers are targeted by dangerous individuals.

Our Charity Sponsor this year was founded in 2012 to document crimes against sex workers and share warnings with others in the industry.

Last year National Ugly Mugs (NUM) sent over 200,000 text warnings to sex workers about predators and dangerous people posing as clients. NUM caseworkers support victims to access the resources necessary to seek justice.

The work of NUM has saved countless sex workers from becoming victims.

Their support at the Prowler European Porn Awards is warmly welcomed and I would encourage all of our guests to say hello to anyone of the 10 NUM representatives wearing RED or National Ugly Mugs branded t-shirts.

Guests should look out for the NUM Ball, their new mascot is making its firstever public appearance at the Prowler European Porn Awards.

You can contact NUM at any time now or in the future
T: 0161 629 9861

NUM will be on hand with information cards and all our guests can have the opportunity to participate in the NUM lucky dip. The funds raised will help NUM continue their important work to end violence against sex workers. You can donate directly by going to the DONATE tab on their website.

The Brunch will be hosted by The Good Porn Project and National Ugly Mugs (NUM).

10 am – 3 pm on Friday 17th May, in Canning Town.

The Brunch will be open only to those in the industry and charities that specialise in sex workers or sexual health.

The general idea is that its a space for people to catch up, networking and nurse hangovers.
It is also an opportunity to thank charities for their hard work and help them stay connected to the needs of those in the industry.
In the past the event has led models to work as campaigners in differing projects.
Life after porn (and sex work in general) can be a challenge for some for fostering employment oppertunities is also helpful to our community.

The event is not open to the general public.

As with previous years we will be showing short films,

This year we have a film by Scotpep which celebrates campaigning to improve the rights of those in the sex industry and remove discrimination against us.