THIRSTY BITCHES – Live on the red carpet!

LONDON – March 22nd 2019

One excellent way to measure the success of an event like the Prowler European Porn Awards might be to look at which media outlets are attracted to come along to cover the night. It’s true, in the past Channel 5 dropped in with Ashley Ryder, Vice sent their people and this year we have two of the thirstiest media bitches in London, Global Podcasters Keyth and Aamyko who together, are the Thirsty Bitches.

These two polar opposites bumped into each other at a mutual friends party. Aamyko told us “I was loud, obnoxious and annoying… I’m kind of surprised that we managed to hit it off enough to want to talk to each other a second time when we crossed paths in a bar called the Edge in Soho” Aamyka continues “Keyth was Dj’ing in the bar and I’d just come back from a season in Mykonos”. Keyth takes over, “We just hit it off from then, or at least I did, I loved Aamyko’s style, his personality and his music is amazing, and that’s how this adventure all got started”

I wanted to find out who had the idea of Thirsty Bitch, Keyth or Aamyko. Aamyko told me “I was always saying shit like “oh she’s thirsty..” etc. I never used it as something negative. I think being thirsty in life gets you what you want. We kinda both came to the idea of calling our club night that we started in Heaven “#ThirstyBitch.” By that point, I had used the term so many times that it was a given that we would become known as Thirsty Bitches. When we decided to start our podcast, it was a no-brainer in terms of the name we would use since we both truly are Thirsty Bitches.. (even though Keyth would never admit to that!)”. “It was like that Romy and Michelle moment” Keyth cuts-in. “When she invented Post-It notes, and I suggest they were made yellow! Teamwork every time with us two! For the Podcast we just dropped the # and kept the brand but currently looking to collaborate and bring the club nights back, much bigger, much better and much thirstier” Keyth explained.

Getting to know these thirsty bitches has been entertaining, and I have watched my share of Podcasts, so I found myself asking them “What do you both bring to the Podcast world that nobody else does?” “We wanted to break the norm of the stale environment London has started to become. A cross between all the licensing rules in London, everything being sold off as developments and the changing trends of the LGBT scene with the use of apps and ‘Home Parties’. We have a long term goal and not just in London, the Podcast is only the start, plus it’s such an amazing new media that people have started jumping on board right around the world. We have A LOT of U.S. listeners and podcasts are huge out there. We have just started on phase two which is being hired as a DJ-duo act going out as Thirsty Bitch DJs, and with summer coming up there’s a lot more about to happen” Keyth explains.

“The thing that makes our podcast different is that both Aamyko and myself have great chemistry. We are totally Ying & Yang when it comes to prudishness, while I have my past and once a darker side I am now just as happy to stay in with a nice cup of Yorkshire Tea with oat milk (yes I’m one of those), read a nice book and go out as an when the bottle calls.. I’m quite introvert, whereas Aamyko is the Thirstiest, extrovert who loves a bit of ‘big daddy dick’. I was going to add more, but I’m sure he will describe himself” So I turn to Aamyko to get his answer “Well, for me personally, I’m a VERY open minded person, and I like to talk about pretty much ANYTHING. From porn to music to self-acceptance there’s nothing that’s off limits which I think a lot of podcasts are afraid to talk about for fear of losing sponsors” Aamyko continues “We combine music and witty, entertaining guests, we push boundaries to what you can do on podcasts yet keep a degree of LGBT responsibility. Our first podcast was a World AIDS day special where we did a World first for a podcast – an HIV instant test on air. We have discussed how to love yourself with sex toys and have a porn actor demonstrate the product with his opinion and next we are about to broadcast live with a possible first – a LIVE Porn Awards Podcast. Plus we are a lot of fun, raw and don’t hold back”.

If these guys are going to broadcast LIVE from the Prowler European Porn Awards, I think we should all know how much porn they watch and all about their favourite Pornstars so I asked for a list.

Keyth – Okay problem I have is that I change my mind so often. I used to be a big fan of Bel Ami in my early 20s… Peters Twins dare I say, Larrs Norgaard more recently, then loved the guys from Randy Blue, Jake Davis, Nicco Sky, Brendon Foster now I’m in a Cocky Boys & Next Door Studio phase I guess… Anthony Romeo, Allen King, Markie Moore, Blake Mitchel… more locally Kayden Gray is a hottie. Christ, I could go on forever, so many lovely hotties. Maybe I am Thirsty after all.

Aamyko: Wow, that’s a difficult one! There are so many out there at the moment that is literally, HOT AF. So let’s see James Bennet, Brenden Patrick, Alberto Esposito, Francois Sagat to name a few.. and my favourite porn site, well, for me I’m into obviously Sean Cody, Chaos Men, Island Studs, Bareback Hunter and a ton of others… My nights are busy.

Both of these two thirsty bitches have been fun to get to know, meet them LIVE on the RED CARPET at this year’s Prowler European Porn Awards on May 16 at one of London’s thirstiest nightclubs, FIRE in Vauxhall. Doors open at 8 pm and tickets are available online at

Check them both out on Twitter. Aamyko & DJ Keyth David